So I just finished reading “World War Z” last week.

While I liked the oral history format, I can’t really say I liked the book as a whole. I think my problem boiled down to two main issues.

First, why were there zombies? In all the interviews throughout the book not once is a scientist or expert questioned about why the zombies came to be. There are some allusions to research being down, and it is clear that the outbreak started in China. Thats it, never does some guy say it was the result of some experiment gone wrong, a virus, or some insect burrowing their brains. I would have accepted any of these, and given the state of the world at the time this “history” was written it is not out of the question to expect these kind of answers.

Second, not everybody freaks out and commits suicide when things get hard. Really, every chapter included some reference to the number of people that just killed themselves because they couldn’t handle the dead coming to life. Yes, it’s a believable premise, but other imported stuff happened.

If you love all things zombie, then I guess this is a worthy read. For me though, I’m happy with my “28 Days Later”, “Resident Evil”, and “Night of the Living Dead”.


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