God and the continuity of the physical world

Here is something to ponder for my theist leaning friends.

First a few presumptions so we don’t get led down rabbit trails. This doesn’t mean that these things are not up for healthy debate; simply that these are required to have the following conversation, and debating these would distract from that conversation.

  • God exists
  • God pre-existed the universe
  • God did create the universe
  • God is Omnipotent
  • God is Omniscient
  • God is Transcendent (exist above/beyond the real of this universe)
  • God is moral

When God created the universe; did he create the physical laws of the universe such that the system would be logically coherent, or did he simple create a system such that it would behave as he saw fit? In other words did God create the laws of physics the way the “had to be” or the way “he wanted them to be”?

The first option seems to have single large dilemma. If God was bound by logical coherency, then it would seems to follow God is in fact limited by some universal and metauniversal rules of logic. The dilemma being that this seems to be a direct contridication to his Omnipotence.

The second option seems more reasonable on the surface, but still raises some interesting questions.

  • Is the system logically coherent by coincident?
  • Does logic derive from the physical system God created?
  • Does God bare moral responsibility for the outcome of the system he created? (If it’s the way he wanted it to be, couldn’t he have wanted it to be such that people couldn’t get hurt?)

I don’t have this all flushed out myself now; it’s simply one of those passing thoughts that amuse me every now and then. Ultimately I believe that the answer will revolve around maxim “God is moral” – since God could not lie, he must do things in a consistent manner (inconsistencies would be akin to lies); out that moral consistency the “logical consistency” is derived which was a factor the creation of the physical laws of our universe. I guess the catch phrase for my supposition is that “because God is moral the speed of light is constant”.

Any thoughts? I always love a healthy debate, so please comment.

2 thoughts on “God and the continuity of the physical world

  1. I think that it’s much akin to the concept of good. Good is defined by God’s Nature.

    I think that God created the universe the way that He wanted it, and Logical Coherency is simply the way God is. In other words, the universe is Logically Coherent because that’s part of God’s Nature.

  2. Rod says:

    God reveals Himself to us as a God of order and when He created everything He declared it good. Colossians 1:16 declares “For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him”. Part of the “invisible” that God created are “laws” that govern the physical universe that He created. And it is reasonable to conclude that a God of order could not successfully create physical things that were “good” without them being created along with a set of laws that placed and maintained them in order with the other elements of His creation.
    And regarding morale responsibility, God reveals Himself to be soveriegn and thus responsible but the curious thing is that He also chose to give certain elements of His creation a will of their own by which they could choose to violate some of His laws – to their own harm.

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