Writing for Success

If you are reading this then you might have noticed there is almost an eight year gap between posts.


Not to you, but to myself. I had started this because I had a cute name for a blog and thought it would be worth sharing my post-collegiate thoughts with the world. Looking back at that motivation it’s clear that it wouldn’t last, which is sad because like many things (e.g. diet and exercise) it would have been so much better for me to have made it a good habit over the last eight years.

I work at Amazon.com, and there we pride ourselves on communication via N-pagers. Got a neat idea? Write 2 pages about it. Got a complicated system you want to build? Write 6 pages about it. The past few years has included many of these papers for me (not to mention emails).

This bit of my story makes me realize how right Jeff Atwood is when in comes to writing. Communication is important, writing is an important way to do that, so practice!

While the work writing allows me to be creative and is often in narrative format, I would like to one day write something in the realm of fiction. I think the only way to ensure I’ll get there is to practice.

So sorry for skipping eight years at writing gym. I’m hoping to bring this blog back, not because the world needs to know my “deep” thoughts, but because I want to practice writing in hopes of becoming a better writer.

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