Well, my name is Tim. I am a software engineer, and I just realized that I had no real home on the web. So you are looking at my little corner of the web. 

I have alway had an interest in computers. Growing up I started out with my dad’s old Commadore  64, then worked my way up to a hand-me-down Kaypro, then played on Mac OS System 7 at my dads office, and finally got my own Windows machine in highschool. This of course led me to North Carolina State University to pursue a degree in Computer Science. I ended up taking the “Tommy Boy” route and got the degree after 7 years (in my defense I did also get a degree in Philosophy and a minor in Mathematics).

Along the way I met the beautiful Mary Tripp, who after much convincing finally decided to marry me. We have two wonderful daughters, Abigail and Lydia.

While I will always have a passion for Philosophy and Religion, reformed theology in particular, it does not pay the bills. Thus I work for a software company called SIMULIA (formally Engineous Software), writing lots of Java code for our iSIGHT-FD and FIPER products. 

Like I said before, I realized that I had no home on the web, so www.zenoftim.com was born. This will be home to my blog as well as any little side projects or experiments I choose to pursue. I hope to produce a few small programs to share with others as well as better my understanding of web development. I also hope to be able to use the blog to pursue a pleasure of mine that traces back to the original pursuit of my Philosophy degree – writing. While I make no claims to be a great writer, I do enjoy putting my thoughts down on “paper” because it has a sense of making my thoughts clear and official, but it also feels like I have created something of value. So in the blog you will find my take on things like tech, philosophy, politics, religion, and other things that strike my fancy.

If you would like to contact me feel free to email me at “tim AT zenoftim DOT com “. You may also track me down at a number of the “social networks” listed on the right.

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