The book I'll never write

So I’ve had this idea for a story; not a writer so it will probably never get flushed out but here is the gist of it:

Pitch Line: The story of Earths first interplanetary war

So the Roswell incident in 1947 was really the result of an accident during mankind’s initial attempt at a transporter device. The failure resulted in the death of 3 scientists; ultimately proving that only basic elements, atoms and the simplest molecules, can be transported via an energy stream over long distances.

Fast forward to the late 90’s. Fearing global climate change, over-population, and world-wide political strife a group of politicians from the lower levels of several governments have banded together with a plan to start over.

The plan is to immigrate to Mars; this is to be done in two phases.

First, exploit the dot-com boom to gather money. This money will allow them under the guise of “space tourism” to get the first group of colonist to Mars. This group will include a number of laborers and scientist as well as their families.

Second, via loose government regulations and exotic financial instruments raise a second round of capital. This money will then be used to leverage the “failed” transporter technology of the late 40’s in order to move a portion of the Earths oceans to Mars. The addition of water will enable a jump start to the terra-formation of Mars. (Since the technology can really only move atoms it will end up just moving the Hydrogen and Oxygen the comprise the water to Mars; this will oxygenate the atmosphere and power fuel cells which will generate water).

At some point, after the Earths oceans begin to recede, the governments of Earth will figure out the plot. This will lead to a war on two fronts; the war on earth between the “red separatists” (those wanting to immigrate to Mars) and the “terra prima” (those who are in favor of preserving Earth), and the war between those on Earth and those on Mars (the “naitive” martians are skeptical of the new “red separatists” and at open war with “terra prima”).

An artist rendering of Mars if it had an ocean

An artist rendering of Mars if it had an ocean

So that’s it, that’s my story. I haven’t decided how I’d like it to play out, but I imagine if I was in the story I’d find myself on the side of the “red separatist” – if only because I’ve always wanted to visit Mars.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, or if you work in television and want to pay me lots of money to actually make this into a mini-series 😉